Massage Treatments

Massage Treatments

Traditional Massages 

Choose between a traditional full body Relaxing Swedish Massage or an energizing trigger point release Deep Tissue massage.

Relaxation Massage

50 minutes - NZD $175
80 minutes - NZD $225

Combining various styles of massage your therapist will use medium or firm pressure to transform a traditional Swedish massage into a personalized soft tissue treatment to promote body and mind relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage

50 minutes - NZD $175
80 minutes - NZD $225

Using firm to deep pressure and attention to trigger points, this massage effectively loosens connective tissue and releases accumulated tension in tight or injured areas.

Golfers Sports Massage

50 minutes - NZD $175
80 minutes - NZD $225

With special focus on golf-specific muscles of the shoulders, glutes and legs, stressed and tired muscles are softened and stretched to allow for quick recovery and prepare the body for the next game.

Hot Stone Massage

80 minutes - NZD $235

This hot stone massage is offered as a sedative, ritualized massage or a deep tissue massage to release specific muscle tension. Large heated New Zealand river stones are placed on key areas on the body while smaller stones are used as an extension of your therapist’s hands to melt stress and induce complete relaxation.


50 minutes - NZD $175

Pressure points on the feet are stimulated to reduce localized stress and encourage total body balancing. If you prefer, a hands and scalp massage can be included in this treatment.

Maternity Massage (For Mum to be)

50 minutes - NZD $175
80 minutes - NZD $225

With special care our relaxation massage is re-created into a pampering, comfortable full body treatment for future mothers. To ensure that mother and baby receive the best experience, this massage is done in a side-lying and supported seated position, with pregnancy-safe products and techniques.

Manuka Honey Massage

50 minutes - NZD $180
80 minutes - NZD $230

Combine one of the most popular products in New Zealand with a relaxing massage technique. The Manuka Honey will help regenerate and moisturise your skin while your therapist provides a relaxing massage to melt away the tension.

Tension Target Massage

30 minutes - $110

This massage is targeted and delivered right where you need it the most, attacking those problem areas and leaving you tension free and relaxed. A self healing cream can be applied at the end of the treatment for the best relief effect.

A Little Bit Extra

Warm Scalp Massage

15 minutes - NZD $40

Finish off your treatment with a truly relaxing soothing scalp massage. Allow yourself to drift off as your therapist applies a warm mask and manipulates those problem pressure points. Absolute bliss.

Eye Zone Rescue

10 minutes - NZD $30

Suffering from puffy eyes, dark circles and wrinkles? This intensive lifting treatment will help revitalise and promote a more youthful appearance.

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